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  • Welcome to BalkanikaBee & Co.

    Organically grown between our relatives who have been farmers and growers for generations and our 15 years of international experience in food and beverage industry from every possible angle, we bring the finest quality of product, unparalleled client – service relationship and greatest value to the world market.

    Serbia’s fertile and unpolluted soil and ideal climate conditions result in production of vast variety of fresh produce of the world-class quality.

    We are recently formed company that exports fresh, frozen and dried fruit, vegetable and wild forest produce of the world class quality produced in Serbia and Balkan.

    Our partners have aligned with agricultural principles that strive to return the soil they farm to full fertility, to promote ecological balance and protect biodiversity, resulting in the freshest, purest, finest produce available.

    Protecting the nature and quality are just as important as consistency and it is something that we look for when we partner with growers that want to become part of our family and bring their ingredients to the market.

    Ecological balance, protection of biodiversity and nature come hand in hand with sustainable agriculture, a lot of innovation and hard work, where long-term social responsibility programs play a major role.

    No matter whether you are in need of produce for your business, or you are a grower, or a farmer, running a big or small operation, if you share our believes and think that we can and we should build and share, please contact us immediately!

    “Our guarantee:
    At BalkanikaBee & Co. we go above and beyond to make sure we
    provide you with freshest, purest, finest produce!
    that’s our guarantee!”




    What we offer

    Fresh produce

    Fresh fruit vegetables and forest produce is essential for our well-being, and that is why procuring it is a job we take seriously. We specialize in exporting over 30 cultures of fruit and vegetables worldwide. We proudly supply international high-end food retailers with the highest quality produce available. From tasting many fruits and veggies to meeting the finest growers at their farms, we go that extra mile to bring you and your consumers the most flawless, freshest produce.

    Reliable service

    BalkanikaBee & Co. as a young company continually strives to exceed expectations in both product and service. We never stop improving when we’ve reached a certain level of success; we’re always seeking to improve our product lineup, technologies, packaging and presentation, keeping our eyes and ears open for concerns and trends. Our approach to customer service is well-rounded, accommodating both the grower’s and food retailer’s needs.

    “We take pride in our relationship with our growerss and our clients”

    Great growers

    In order to provide food retailers and distributors with the freshest produce possible, we’re constantly communicating with our growers. Our growers have been and becoming extensions of our family; we want to help their farms and businesses prosper, while making sure their top-quality produce reaches your business and your consumers. We base our relationships with our growers on common passion for food, combined with integrity, honesty, trust and consistency.

    It is only with such symbiosis, that we bring balance, success and satisfaction to all.




    Our produce

    Our key strength is the quality of our relationships with our partners. This translates into providing our clients with the highest quality produce. Our clients demand fresh and naturally delicious produce and we’re happy to always meet their needs.



    Wild forest produce



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